Curriculum Map

Each session of meetings takes the member through a series of topics in a sequence similar to that of most redundancy - job-seeking cycles. The diagram below shows these phases:

curriculum map

The numbers against topics show the session number for a typical programme cycle. The actual sequence of meetings may vary slightly from session to session, depending on speakers and the exact topics covered.

But I've just been made redundant and need session 1 now!

Unfortunately employers don't make people redundant to fit in with our nicely sequenced programme. Also, you may well have an interview scheduled for a session you wanted to go to.

Don't panic, we have other ways to help you

The membership benefits page will tell you more about these. See also the Frequently Asked Questions. Above all, we are an informal group and everyone does everything within their expertise to help each other.

Come in anyway to the meetings at whatever stage they are at. The key concepts are repeated and reinforced at different workshops, you will soon get up to speed. More importantly you will benefit from the comradery and learning from others.

This page last updated 4th April 2012

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