Redundant? Looking for a Job?

Careers Springboard West Berkshire holds regular weekly meetings on Wednesday afternoons. We are a self-help group whose main role is to help out-of-work professionals, managers and executives in West Berkshire who are seeking a new job. All of this is interpreted widely so that there have been members who regard themselves as living outside the area, or of a lower-level, or in employment (but wanting to change) or wanting to start their own business, or even enjoy an active and worthwhile retirement.

Our volunteers are standing by, ready to help you.

Benefits for Job Seekers

Please note, access to some of these benefits are available only following the recommendation of a volunteer following a relevant 1-to-1 session. Full details of how to access these benefits will be found in the job seeker's membership pack and in the relevant fact sheets.Other than informal 1-on-1s after Wednesday meetings, all other 1-on-1s must be pre-booked.

What Job Seekers Say About Us

Here are some comments that successful job seekers tell us when they leave us (because they have landed a new job!):

How To Join

To participate in our activities, all you have to do is to come along to a meeting and complete and sign an Application Form. Ideally contact us beforehand. Or come to your first meeting 5-10 minutes early to meet the host and be introduced to the club. To save time you can download the application form and accompanying charter (PDF files). The application form asks you to opt-in to our weekly mailings (for handouts). Our privacy policy tells you how we use your personal data.

There is no charge for attending meetings or accessing our services.

Still Have Some Questions?

Read our Frequently Asked Questions page or contact one of our advisors by email: or by contacting David Skyrme on 01635 254151.

This page last updated 19th April 2018

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