News Archive 2007-8

Job Clubs' Network Consolidates

With the need to become self-sustaining in future, the individual executive clubs within the Thames Valley Exectuive Job Club Network are co-operating ever more closely. There have been several joint training and awareness session, on topics that include sharing good practice, fund-raising and accreditation. The chairmen of each club are also meeting together quarterly to identify areas of common interest, and to collaborate on initiatives that are best undertaken by the network as a whole.

Marketing Campaign Ratchets Up (Autumn 2008)

One of the problems we have is that those people who could benefit from our activities are not aware of us at just the time they need us. Over recent months we have tried to raise our profile through the following activities:


Many organisations demonstrate their professionalism through acquiring some form of quality standard or accreditation. We have considered two relevant accrediations - the Matrix Standard (a quality standard for information advice and guidance services) and PQASSO (Practical Quality Assurance System for Small Organisations, especially aimed at voluntary and community organisations). Although we believe we fulfil most of the criteria of these standards, we would need to develop detailed documentation and pay for accreditation. At this stage of our development we feel that our resources (both financial and time) would be better spend on our core activities and improving our fund-raising capabilities. However, in the longer-term, once our future sustainability is assured, we would aspire to gaining one of these 'standards'.

Newsletter - Spring 2008

In April, we published our first newsletter. Its contents include:

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