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Some Light at the end of the Tunnel (February 2010)

After a lean period at the end of last year, we have recently been encouraged by the steady number of job seekers reporting finding a new job. This includes a few who have been out of work for 3 months or more. However, we still get a steady stream of newcomers, including some former members who have been made redundant yet again. It is said that most professionals can now expect to be made redundant at least twice in their career - but in the current climate this may be an under estimate.

Newsletter (Spring 2010)

Just published and emailed to 300 former job seekers and supporters is our latest newsletter. Contents include:

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Surge in New Joiners (Oct 2009)

It's probably inevitable with the current economic conditions, but throughout September and October we have welcomed more joiners than in any comparable period since we started. Interestingly, several people heard about us from friends, so our name is getting around. The good news is, that there are still many jobs around, especially for people with relevant (e.g. high-tech) skills. The Thames Valley is expected to fare better than many regions in the down-turn. So if you know someone who has recently been made redundant, and does not know about us, send them our way. We'll give them a warm welcome and an even warmer congratulations when they get a job.

Newsletter (Summer 2009)

The contents of this newsletter include:

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