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Brighter Prospects (April 2012)

One of our speakers said that the latter part of last year was the toughest job market he had seen in 25 years of being a recruiter. However, we are now seeing some improvement and in recent weeks, several of our job-seekers, some of whom have been out of work for 6 months or more, have successfuly landed jobs. On the other hand we are starting to see more fall-out from the cut backs in the public sector, something that we anticipated last year but did not materialise.

We still see networking as one of the most reliable ways of getting a job. Just recently one jobseeker wrote "Something you might find amusing is that despite my often stated distaste for networking, it was an ex-colleague in my network, who now works for a recruitment agency that put me onto the job. She made an announcement to her friends on Facebook that she had the vacancy and had my CV in her in-box 15 minutes later. So it does somewhat support the notion that most jobs come through the network! I had to see it to believe it though!"

That's why networking and the hidden job market features prominently in our programme, and we give you the confidence to practice it in a risk-free environment.

Newsletter (Autumn 2011)

The following topics appear in our Autumn newsletter:

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Tightening Job Market (December 2011)

We have noticed a sharp tightening of the job market since September. Until then it had been slow but steady, with even some degree of optimism. However, our job seekers report longer than usual recruitment processes and a succession of interviews for a single job that spread out over several months. One has even had nine interviews, and the process continues. Despite that our job seekers are getting jobs, albeit some only temporary (e.g. 3-month) contracts. We expect to see more jobseekers make their own job, rather than waiting for employers to recruit. Despite the economic gloom let's hope things look up at least a bit in 2012.

Five Years and Going Strong (August 2011)

We have now completed five years as a volunteer-led organisation. During that time we have helped over 450 people in their search for work at an average cost of just over £100 per person, thanks to hundreds of hours of time given freely by our highly qualified volunteers. In 2010 we enrolled 80 job seekers, of which at least 52 went back into paid employment (not everybody gives us feedback). Although activity is not as frenetic as at the peak of the recession in 2009, there is a regular flow of new job seekers - as well as a regular flow of good news from those who have found a new job.

Newsletter (Spring 2011)

Our newsletter goes out to supporters and alumni. Articles in the Spring 2011 newsletter (PDF) include:

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Earlier News and Newsletters

You can view earlier newsletters in our archive. There you will find more examples of how job seekers found employment, the background of some of our volunteers, and workshop features:

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