Careers Springboard West Berkshire would be unable to operate without the help of our supporters. As well as relying heavily on volunteers our supporters provide funding and support in kind, e.g. advisory services. We are grateful to all our supporters for their assistance. We are now finding it tougher to obtain grants from public bodies, so are increasingly looking to trusts and our alumni (most now back in managerial jobs) to help secure our future. In 2011 we created a CSWB presence on to make it easier for individuals to donate and take advantage of Gift Aid. Because of the time and skills of our volunteers we are able to help peeople back into work for less than £150 a head - real value for money.

Recent Financial Supporters

From 2009-11 we raised sufficient financial support to enable us to offer our programme throughout 2012 and a bit beyond. Recent financial supporters are:

Other Financial Supporters

Our Partners

The following organisations provide or have provided additional support for our job seekers through various formal and informal partnership arrangements

The Foundation for Job Seekers

Careers Springboard West Berkshire is a founding member of the Foundation for Jobseekers.. This is a network of five Thames Valley job clubs (see below). It shares knowledge, experience and resources between its members (and occasionally other people who are planning to set up similar job clubs. Job clubs in the network are:

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