Our Volunteers

Our volunteers fill four types of rôle:

If you are interested in helping others relaunch their careers and can volunteer some of your time - as little as twice a year or more frequently if you can - then we look forward to hearing from you. Our current team of volunteers include a self-employed trainer, a semi-retired management consultant, a homeworker and the director of a small local business - see profiles of some of our volunteers below.

To learn more about what's involved, please contact us by email (volunteers@careerswestberks.org.uk).

Volunteer Profiles

Below are profiles of some of our current volunteers. Since CSWB is a Charity it is managed by a group of seven Trustees, who are identified after their volunteer rôle. Recent changes have been the resignation of John Newell as a trustee, which he had been since our founding in 2014. However, he continues as a volunteer. At our AGM in 2002 former job seekers James Gardiner and Dorothy Nesbit were appointed as trustees.

Adrian Foster-Fletcher Adrian Foster-Fletcher - Chairman, programme manager, speaker and advisor. (Trustee)
Adrian is a businessman, who has started four businesses. One as an International Head Hunter, specialising in sales and marketing roles in IT, one installing energy saving equipment in businesses, one an environmental consultancy and in retirement he continues to manage the property business he built in the 1990s.

Adrian is also Chairman of Stroke Care for West Berkshire, helping Stroke survivors return to independent living, and is the local co-ordinator and prominent campaigner for the environmental group Friends of the Earth. He has a bachelor's degree from Manchester University in the History of Art, and a Masters from the University of Surrey in Environmental Management.

Adrian brings his experience of recruiting into several of our workshops, including "How recruiters work". He also provides 1-on-1 advice to our job seekers.

Peter Adams - advisor and speaker. (Trustee)
Peter is a Chartered Engineer and has twenty years experience as Managing Director of engineering and logistics companies in five different African countries. Having lived as well as worked in those countries, he brings a wide breadth of cultural understanding and problem solving knowledge. He has also started four businesses, three of his own and one on behalf of a client.

Additionally, as the Chief Restructuring Officer for the turn-around of a distressed courier company he was instrumental in saving 800 jobs.

As well as 1-on-1 mentoring Peter runs several workshops including one on LinkedIn of which he has in depth knowledge.

Charles Fowler Photo Charles Fowler - advisor (Trustee).
Charles joined us in 2016. He is a management Consultant assisting a variety of Companies to achieve their objectives. He has a mechanical engineering degree and has worked as a project engineer in the UK and overseas. He then did business-to-business marketing and general management, both leading a SME (Small to Medium Enterprise) and building two consultancies. He is a Chartered Engineer and a Cranfield MBA. As well as offering 1-on-1 support to our job seekers he also helps host meetings.

James Gardiner Photo James Gardiner - advisor, speaker, treasurer (Trustee).
James joined us in 2022. James Gardiner started his career as a production engineer and after gaining an MBA he then worked for 12 years as a strategy consultant with Booz Allen Hamilton. Later he held various international general management positions for Elster Group (now Honeywell), manufacturer of utility meters. Over the last ten years James has worked with cleantech SMEs in various management positions and as a consultant. He is currently Managing Director of Natural Resources (2000) Ltd. which has developed technology for manufacture of pulp-based bottles. In addition he continues to work as a consultant with companies in energy monitoring and management, water technology and other renewables.


Dorothy Nesbit Dorothy Nesbit - advisor (Trustee).
Dorothy joined us in 2022. She is a management consultant and executive coach working with organisations and individuals to develop the leadership capability needed to meet the challenges of our era. Her work is rooted in research into what differentiates the most effective leaders as well as a deep understanding of how to develop leadership capability. She has worked across multiple industries, mostly in the private sector. Dorothy is also a long-term member of the London Symphony Chorus and volunteer co-chair of the LSC's Advisory Group on Diversity and Inclusion.

Dorothy helps to host meetings, talks about how to prepare for interviews and is available to talk 1:1 to job seekers.

John Newell Photo John Newell - advisor and speaker.
John is a Career Coach and Assessor. He delivers group and individual coaching assignments from junior to executive level across a broad range of industry sectors, both private and public. As an Assessor, he carries out competency based interviews and role plays. His previous experience included managerial roles in the fields of politics and the public service, including support for Government Ministers and MPs.

As a qualified HR professional, Chartered MCIPD and certificated Life Coach, and an active member of the Association of Career Professionals International (ACPi), John brings a wealth of recruitment experience to Careers Springboard's job seekers.

David Skyrme Photo David J Skyrme - speaker, webmaster.
David is a retired management consultant and writer. He had a 25-year career in the computing industry, most of them with Digital Equipment Corporation where he held various roles in the UK, Europe and USA including salesperson, marketing manager, product manager and strategic planning manager. Following redundancy in 1993, he became a world-wide recognised expert in knowledge management, on which he has written several reports and books, has implemented projects and has carried out management training.

He runs several of our workshops, and also mini-sessions on topics such as 'Marketing yourself on the internet' and 'Be your own boss' (starting a business).

His interests include photography, rambling, family history and chess.

Ian Vickerage - advisor (Trustee)
Ian is a successful businessman and former President of the West Berkshire Chamber of Commerce. He offers practical 1-on-1 advice to our job seekers.

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